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Home News Blog s2i Motorsport season 2010 post-mortem

s2i Motorsport season 2010 post-mortem

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This season is now over for our team, and it is time for a short post-mortem in terms of laps, budgets and results. 

Time was limited this year, and our team was only able to compete in the Finnish Championships, when last year we also participated in the Formula Ford Festival at Brands and the Danish FF Festival at Padborg. Further, we really did not have any other testing days except our first roll-out at Kemora (in snowfall!) and the days during the race weekends. This shows in both laps and days at track (602 laps, 18 days, versus last years whopping 1285 laps and 33 days). However, last year we completed on average 33 laps per day; this year the number was exactly the same - 33! Thus it seems about 30 laps per day is our "average", and if we want to make more we simply have to be on track more days... 

Budget numbers are also interesting. This year we were hit by some repairs that ended up being more costly than last year, and similarly the tire cost was a bit higher due to the new Dunlop tires. Thus in the end our season budget still was about 21,7k€, which is very close to last year's number 24,0k€ (surprisingly close, considering last year we spent almost twice the days and twice the laps on track! However, bear in mind that things like fuel cost were partly sponsored last year). The budget reflects running costs for the season. On the investment side things were better, this year's investment being mainly the new trailer and some minor items. Thus the investments 2010 were only 6k€, whereas last year they were 19,1k€.

Overall, it seems a budget of 20k€ is a good number to work with. This implies using one set of tires per race weekend, which of course is very limited. A better approach would be to plan for two sets per weekend, and then some for testing. However that immediately brings about 3-6k€ more cost into the plans. This year's 20k€ split into about 5k€ spares and repairs, about 10k€ race costs (incl. 4,4k€ tires), and the rest being miscellaneous parts, tools, testing costs and such. Thus one might infer that about 10k€ is very close to minimum budget for a season, with no leeway for accidents and associated repairs. A 25k€ budget should (without investment costs and assuming one owns the car) be a very comfortable number, no matter what the ambition. 

With our efforts and this being our second season, we made 6 podium finishes in 10 races and an overall series position of third in the Zetec Masters. Our budget and approach is also reflected in the fact that we had no DNFs during the season, and the car ran well throughout (with the exception of some initial problems at the season start due to a dirty starter - the blame for which was simply poor service). 

I should mention that these numbers do not include the post-season service. We will need to do an engine overhaul and replace the bottom plate at the minimum, and this will probably bump up costs a few thousand euro more. On the other hand, with this we will again have a "brand new" ready-to-race car for the next season.

To finish off, let me thank all our sponsors and supporters for this season; we could not have completed 2010 without your help!

Autotek Oy
Color-point Oy
Exide Oy
Fixus Espoo
LMS Racing Oy 
Formula Spares Ltd
Presco Oy
Race Technology Ltd
Reddal Oy
TJR-Pinta Oy
Beparts Gmbh
Enigma Motorsport
Zetec Masters series trophies 
From left to right - Kristian Laine (#2), Markus Ollilla (#1), Per Stenius (#3), Zetec Masters 2010. 
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