Formula Ford Festivals completed

Sunday, 17 October 2010 17:29

So the season is officially over - the Festival has been completed!

You find the full results here. In Zetecs we had a small surprise, the winner of last two years - Neil Tofts - hit trouble after lap 2 and was thus out. He did manage to hit a time with 49,xx though, making him clearly the fastest of the lot. Last year Sebastian Nummi give him a good fight with times similar to his, and the year before it was Antti Buri. This year, with Neil out, the honors went to Julian Hoskins (Vector TF93), Lucy Wardrop (Van Diemen) and Paul Britten (Van Diemen). All with times 50,xx. Ten cars were racing, so a slight drop from last year.


The Duratec finals was again an all out war. The top guys were fighting it to the end, with Tio Ellinas and Dennis Lind starting from the top, followed by guys like Pye, Malvern and Butcher. In the end the honors went to Dennis Lind (Van Diemen LA08), followed by Scott Pye (Mygale SJ10), Tio Ellinas (Mygale SJ09), Scott Malvern (RAy GR10). The surprise in my view was Josh Hill, who having started dead last at 24th fought his way all the way up to 7th!

While Dennis Lind took care of Scandinavian honors, Antti Buri unfortunately suffered bad luck. Having started 13th into the finals, after an eventful semi 2 into which he started from third place but did not finish well, he found himself out of the race after the first lap and was one of the two casualties of the war. 

Another eventful season is done with, tune in again for 2011!