Formula Ford Festival next weekend!

Sunday, 10 October 2010 05:25

We are approaching the season finale again, and thus also the BRSCC Formula Ford Festival at Brands Hatch...

This year's program has already been released, and promises some very interesting racing. From Finland it seems at least Antti Buri will make a solid entry, and the only ambition he can have is to win the finals (a Finnish first, as far as I recall). Other drivers in the Duratec class are Ville Kivinen, Miikka Mäkelä, Elmeri Ylitalo and most likely Jesse Anttila. Would not be surprised to see Sebastian Nummi there too. As far as I know, the Swede Milton Lundström will however not be racing this year.

This year Zetecs run their own races, and my understanding is the number of participants is bigger than last year. However, it is unclear to me if any entrants from Finland will go. Very sadly I have to say our team did not have the opportunity to go this year, although I very much would have liked to attend.

The Kent class will offer some very intense racing this year again, and participation in that class will be very large. Would be great to see some Finnish drivers in this class too, but alas that is probably not to be had this year. Sami Inkiläinen, who did a great show in Zetecs at the Ahvenisto Finals, has been driving a Kent in historic races in Finland, and would probably make a strong entrant at the Festival as well.

That is all for now, looking forward to some interesting racing next weekend. The results are probably available online at TSL Timing, as usual. 

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