Pictures from Botniaring Rata-SM

Sunday, 22 August 2010 17:21

Attached some pictures from the Botniaring Rata-SM race. Series results, as usual, available on the Formula Ford Finland pages. In the images below, stuff from Duratecs, Zetecs, and obviously the infamous Kivinen-Ollila crash..

Let's start with the obvious, a sequence from race 2, where Kivinen sought to pass Markus Ollila in what seemed to me somewhat of a "too tight" spot...






All photos courtesy Otto Hokkanen. A sad and disappointing event on all accounts. And now, to some more positive things... Some shots of the Duratec heroes and winners, Antti Buri and Elmeri Ylitalo, followed by shots from the Zetec Masters. Photos courtesy Otto Hokkanen and Ilkka Huttunen.



Zetec Masters race 1 (above) went to Ollila, Laine, Stenius. Race 2 (below) went to Laine, Höglund, Stenius.

And below from race 2, Kristian Laine leading Henri Höglund and Per Stenius.