Botniaring fighting...

Sunday, 15 August 2010 10:50

The fourth racing event in the Formula Ford Finnish Championship took place this Fri-Sat at Jurva's Botniaring track. The weather was hot, and so were some of the drivers...

Antti Buri had a busy weekend, flying in Thu-Fri nite just in time for the Friday practice, qualifyer and race one. Having tested earlier in the week and the previous week, he was, however ready for a fight. This also proved successful, he took a convincing pole as well as first place in race 1. For race 2, he had to DNS, as his primary focus is in the UK Championships and the Silverstone event was on for Saturday. In any case, Antti maintains a comfortable lead in the Finnish Championships and Duratec class. With his Mygale Duratec he also set a new FF laprecord for Botniaring. This perhaps was not very surprising considering that the Duratec is faster and we also now use the Dunlop radial tires.

Behind Antti the race was on. Much attention was paid on how Ville Kivinen would fare, and whether he would be able to maintain his position in the Finnish Championships. Alas, this was not to be had. Instead, Elmeri Ylitalo took a comfortable 2nd and 1st position in the two races, and Sebastian Nummi a 3rd and 2nd. Miikka Mäkelä was third in the second race, after some technical trouble in the first race. Thus it is now Elmeri Ylitalo who is second in the Finnish Championships. The top 3 are Buri 145, Ylitalo 130 and Kivinen at 111. A win brings 25 points, a second place 20, and third 16, so the fight is still open for Ahvenisto. 

Kivinen's race performance was lackluster, and made even worse by the events in race 2. Trying to forcefully pass Zetec driver Markus Ollila at the last corner of the track - not known to be any kind of place to pass - he ruined both his and Markus' race, as both cars were pushed into the gravel. Markus' car was badly damaged to boot, and given his team's tight budget this made life very difficult for him. No wonder then that the spectators were to see a fight erupting between the drivers, with Markus tipping over Ville onto the ground. These events no doubt will lead to further actions by race officials and the AKK (Finnish motorsports organization). Ville's driving was reckless and - to be sure - stupid, and unfortunately Markus' behaviour was equally stupid. The class does not benefit from this kind of behaviour, even though one can understand the annoyance and anger Markus' must have felt. 

In Zetec's then the podium places went to Ollila-Kristian Laine-Per Stenius in race 1, and Laine-Henri Höglund-Stenius in race 2. Points of the leaders in the class should be Ollila 160, Laine 147, Stenius 124 and Höglund 107, making for an interesting final event at Ahvenisto 10-11.9.2010.

Overall the event was very warm and held in great weather, and the racing was pretty tough at places. Finding a setup for this track, and for the Dunlops, turned out to be tricky for many teams. Add to this the surprising finding that the tires used in the previous event at Pärnu Audruring for some reason did not work at all here, things were messy in practice. Our team struggled all the way into race 2, by which time we had found a decent setup that served us reasonably well particularly at the end of the race as we took on the fight with Henri Höglund. Henri prevailed, however, so our work did not bear the full fruit unfortunately...;-)

There should be plenty of good pictures from this event, so I will try to add them as I get access to some. Sorry that I did not have any available at the time of this writing... Looking forward to seeing you all at Ahvenisto Finals! 

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