Buri facing hardship at Zandvoort, but speed is there

Saturday, 05 June 2010 13:15

Antti just called in from Zandvoort, reporting that the weekend has been a tough one.

Apparently his and the team's qualifying session was ruined due to problems in the fuel system - the pressure was again low. This has been a problem before, and it seems it continues to haunt Antti, LMS Racing and Enigma Motorsport. As a result, Antti got 12th and 10th place on the grid for the races.

The Zandvoort track has proven tricky, the track conditions change and seem to have a big impact on lap times. New tires do not seem to work well here, rather it takes several laps to get optimal grip. In the first race Antti was surprised by what seemed to be a completely wrong setup in brake balance, but others seemed to have similar issues so this too may have been caused by the track. Results in the first race was 7th, so a good +5 positions from the starting grid. In addition Antti logged the fastest lap of all, so clearly the speed is there. Unfortunately his toughest contenders in the series did well, so it seems Antti will be dropping in the overall standings.

Tomorrow is a new day, and with a starting position of 10th in the grid Antti is well positioned to fight up into the top 5. Let's see how things go! 

Last Updated on Saturday, 05 June 2010 13:23